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Our Story

We are on a mission to help make the World a better place. Deeply rooted in our rich family heritage lies a tradition of providing an intentional, purposeful and meaningful gift. Whether it be to yourself, someone you love, or an act of kindness to a new acquaintance, we invite you to experience The Lost Art of Gifting.

We will offer exclusive products that have been sourced and hand selected from our local, national and global travels. From limited quantities and small batch selections, to one of a kind pieces only found here at Muirhead & Company, each gift will be hand wrapped and sealed with a wax stamp as a way to keep The Art of Gifting alive today.


Muirhead & Company will provide proceeds from each item to support the community from which your gift is crafted, meaning each gift you choose comes with knowing you are making a difference in the World around you.

- Tyler & Gabriel Muirhead

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